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Doulton Water Purifiers

Doulton Water Purifiers

Doulton Ceramics have established a worldwide reputation for over 140 years for providing the ultimate in water protection.

Doulton Ceramic Filter is one of the only filters available that removes 99.99% of live parasites to produce clean, safe water in your home or office. The Doulton ceramic filter is also Bacteriostatic,- the growth of bacteria is inhibited in the ceramic. The ceramic pores are so tiny that they actually trap disease causing parasites down to the 0.8 microns in size. Minutes amounts of non-leachable elemental silver are baked into the ceramic to inhibit the growth of the bacteria. Therefore the filter does not create an environment for bacterial growth like carbon filters. The Doulton water filters have a unique 3-stage filtration system. Step 1- The Ceramic filter. This physical barrier traps and reduces parasites, particulates, turbidity, rust, and dirt greater than 0.9 microns in size. Step 2  High Density Carbon. The Carbon reduces chlorine, bad taste and odor. Step 3  Heavy Metal. There is a Heavy Metal removing compound that reduces lead. Available in countertop or under counter in ceraminc and under counter in stainless steel. Attaches easy and comes with all brackets and fittings for easy installation.


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