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Organic Barrier Sleepsack

Organic Barrier Sleepsack

Protect yourself when you are a way by sleeping in your own sleep sack - made from 100% Organic Cotton Barrier Cloth.

Did you ever wonder who slept in abed before you when you travel? Well, now you don't ever have to worry about sleeping in a strange bed. Put aside your concerns about itch, smelly synthetic sheets washed in harsh detergents or whatever else may be in the sheets with our SLEEPSACK. * Generously cut: 88" long and 56" wide. It will fit the tiniest to the biggest person. * Large wrap around pillow flap holds any size pillow securely. * Opening on both sides so it can be used on either side of the bed. * Extra large top flap folds down over blaniet for additional protection. * Side ties snuggle you in from the inside after you get comfortable. * Folds up small to fit in its own barrier cloth drawstring bag. * Made from 100% Organic Cotton Barrier Cloth

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