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Our complete catalog is available in print form, and is full of great allergy solutions

Janice's Story


The Janice story is like many of you.  Janice suffers from multiple allergies, sensitivies and skin problems, so she understands the complexities of our customers. Since 1979, when her own comfort needs could not be met by traditional suppliers, she decided to search for and distribute products that would help her and her friends live more healthful lives. Thus, Janice’s was born and has flourished ever since.

Janice’s is known throughout the United States and Canada for our Natural Comfort Collection. Physicians all over the country refer their patients to us, and many of them use our products personally. In addition, we are continually amazed at the letters and  calls received from all over the world. 

Here’s why we are so special. Our products provide comfort and relief to scores of people who suffer from sensitivities, allergies and dermatological problems. Only after extensive searching, researching and testing are we able to supply our customers with items that will alleviate many allergy and skin-related discomforts. 

We offer the purest bedding, bath, kitchen and personal items available. Whenever articles are not obtainable through traditional manufacturing sources, we produce them in our own sewing room with our 100% cotton fabrics and batting. When necessary, we carefully wash and rinse fabrics prior to construction. Our seamstresses are experts in their crafts and maintain the sewing room in immaculate condition. As a contamination precaution, our employees do not smoke or wear perfumed products while at work.

Since we spend more than a third of our lives in bed, the bedroom is the foremost allergy concern. Our bedding has been particularly helpful in relieving nighttime distress.
Although we would like to provide all allergy sufferers with absolute relief, it is not always possible. Even with the purest products, unique physiological differences vary between individuals so that not everyone’s problems can be completely resolved by external environmental changes.

Therefore, we make no claims or guarantees that our merchandise will eliminate one’s specific afflictions. However, we do know that many customers have enhanced their state of health and well-being by using merchandise from the Janice's .  

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